Let's look at a couple facts

  • There are over 4 billion mobile devices worlwide
  • 96% of small businesses don't have a mobile site
  • The average mobile user spends 71 minutes on the mobile web
  • Mobile websites can increase consumer engagement by up to 85%!
  • Businesses can aquire a larger customer base with mobile sites
  • Give your mobile users an enjoyable experience

Unless you are part of 4% of small businesses that have a mobile website, your business is missing out on a lot of opportunities!

So what can a mobile website do for my business?

  • Increase consumer engagement through a mobile platform
  • Improve customer satisfaction by having an "easy to use" mobile website
  • Appear innovative to your customers
  • Build customer loyalty by addressing their mobile needs
  • Increase your brand awareness
Our clients increase sales and distinguish themselves from their competition by driving brand interaction with a mobile site that exceeds customer expectations