Who we are and what we stand for...

Welcome to Talon Mobile!

Talon Mobile is a unique start up tech company. We are composed of a sharp, diverse, and creative group of current Miami University students. This start-up was created because we students, as frequent mobile web users, were sick and tired of having to surf the web on websites that are not optimized for mobile devices. Going through websites cluttered with images, unreadable text, and endless amounts of scrolling makes finding useful information a time consuming expedition that takes minutes instead of seconds. Not only does it cause users to have a sour taste for the site after the ordeal, but it also drives away future visitors, or as one may consider them, potential customers. Mobile devices are almost always used on the go, and having to parse your way through so many obstacles is just a huge unnecessary hassle when all you may want to find out is the phone number of a restaurant or where a car shop is located.

To see if we were the only ones that had such difficulties in surfing the mobile web, we conducted a survey only to find that our troubles were equal to those of almost all other users that had access to the internet on their mobile devices. The survey indicated that businesses which had mobile optimized websites were significantly more visited and enjoyed by mobile internet users. The reasons that these mobile optimized websites were so favored were because they were easy to use, efficient, and proved that the business was technologically prepared.

Our mission is to serve businesses from the technological aspect with our expertise in web technologies by offering exceptional work at a cheap price. We are determined that for the price you pay, the work and effort will be second to no other business that tries to imitate what we do. To prove it, just take a look at what we have done and give us a chance to prove ourselves to you. I promise that you will not regret it, because if you are unsatisfied with our job we will give you your money back.

Best Regards,

Thomas Gorczynski
President & CEO